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Heiðrun is a turtleneck sweater vest, hand knitted out of 100% natural and untreated Faroese wool, featuring two side panels made of 100% recycled leather.
This sweater vest pairs well on its own with nice denim jeans for a casual look.
Layer Heiðrun over a dress, button-up shirt or blouse paired with dress pants for a more sophisticated and chic look.
100% Faroese Wool
Size Guide
1 (XS-S) 
Size 2 (M) 
Size 3 (L-XL) 

Designed by Beinta Poulsen
Hand knitted by local women of the Faroe Islands

*As each garment is hand knitted by different women, 
this makes them each unique and no two pieces will ever be the same.
Garments of the same size may have small varying factors, but not enough of a difference to make them untrue to their size.